An item represents an entity that you want to recognize. Examples of items are logos, physical objects, or drawings, among others. Inside CraftAR there are two types of items: Augmented Reality (AR) and Image Recognition (IR) items.

Check the Image Recognition API to learn how this information is received upon recognition.

An Image Recognition item contains:

  • One or more images representing its appearance (i.e. reference image).
  • URL returned upon its recognition (optional). Typical uses of the URL include a website with information or a video related to the item.
  • Custom data returned upon its recognition (optional). Typical uses of this field include text that describes the item, for instance, product information.

An Augmented Reality item contains:

  • A single image representing its appearance.
  • An Augmented Reality scene. This scene is rendered automatically once the item is recognized, when the app is running the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK.