A token uniquely identifies one collection of items that you want to recognize.

Tokens are used in the Image Recognition API, in the CraftAR Mobile App, and in the CraftAR mobile SDKs to specify which collection of images should be searched through.

Each collection has one token assigned automatically upon creation. For each collection you can add as many tokens as you wish. You can also delete all of them and eliminate all possible outside accesses to your collection.

Visit the Support Center If you’re trying to find the token for your collection


Tips: Taking advantage of tokens in your app

#1 Imagine you have an app for two different applications, a web service and a mobile app. You may want to distinguish them with different tokens. Now let’s imagine that at some point, you may want to revoke the access from the mobile app. Simply delete the corresponding token and that app will no longer be able to search through that collection.

#2 Imagine you want to grant temporary access to one of your collections. Simply generate and share a new token for that collection. This access can be easily revoked by deleting the corresponding token.