Unity CraftAR Pro SDK for iOS and Android

The CraftAR Pro SDK combines all native mobile CraftAR SDKs for iOS in one convenient SDK to give you greater flexibility when developing apps with Image Recognition and Augmented Reality capabilities.

Our Unity CraftAR Pro SDK for iOS and Android allows you to create Image Recognition (IR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications using the CraftAR service together with Unity3D.

Render complex scenes and interactivity. Create, modify and push content such as game objects (including animated 3D models or 360 panoramas) and add your own programming to your scenes in CraftAR, straight from Unity.

This page gives you pointers to the Tutorials you should follow to integrate this SDK; the documentation of the Classes; note on the Example code; the Requirements of your system to use this SDK, and finally, Release Notes of our continuous updates.

Download from CraftAR

How to use the Unity SDK to build an app

The integration of the Unity Augmented Reality SDK into your native app consists in two steps:

  1. Set up the Unity project.
  2. Create a Unity app that uses Cloud and/or On-Device Image Recognition combined with Tracking.

Separately, you’ll need to upload the Unity scenes into the CraftAR Content Management System by publishing a new item.

Follow these tutorials with step-by-step guides:

Example code

The easiest way to get started with the Unity CraftAR Pro SDK is by using our open source examples available in the Unity package that you download, in Assets/Applications/Examples.


The CraftAR Unity Plugin will only work for Android and iOS Unity targets. The plugin is also limited to the Android SDK version 3.0+ and iOS 8.0+.

With the CraftAR Unity SDK you can add IR and AR capabilities to any Android or iOS app without limitation on the features available to your license of Unity3d during development.

However, the limitations of each license will apply for the final app. For instance, an app generated with the Free license of Unity3D, will have a Unity3D splash screen. In order to remove this, check the different licensing options that Unity offers.

Platform requirements and compatibility:
  • xCode 8+ for iOS
  • Latest Android SDK for Android
  • Unity 2018 LTS

Class Reference Documentation

Follow this link to browse through the classes of the Unity CraftAR Pro SDK.


Version 1.0 Since Nov 27th, 2017:

  • First release.