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CraftAR Quickstart

CraftAR is an Augmented Reality software which helps you build Augmented Reality (AR) and Image Recognition apps and services. Watch this video and the other tutorials to get familiarized with the content creation process and how you can use it inside your app once published.


Three-step guide to your first recognition with CraftAR


Create your first collection

Click on ‘Collections’ in the navigation menu on the left and then on ‘Add new collection’.
Then fill in the form with a name for your first collection and click on ‘Done’.


Add an item to this collection

In the page that loads when the collection has been created, you can click on ‘Add new item’.
The crafting process of creating a new item follows two steps: ‘Setup’ and ‘Content’ creation.


This step consists in setting up the name of this item, the reference image, and the type of experience.

Depending on the type of experience, the app will receive different information and can deliver different behaviours when the object is scanned. With CraftAR you can have two types of experiences: Augmented Reality or Image Recognition only. You can see examples in the CraftAR product description.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that you created an Image Recognition item, gave it a name and uploaded a reference image.

Content creation

If you chose Image Recognition, you where able to define a target URL for this item. Typically, your app would either open this URL as a website or retrieve information, for instance a product description from your own database.


Try image recognition from the webpanel

Now that there is an item in a collection, we can perform image recognition on it. The easiest way is using the tool in the website. Click on ‘Image Recognition’ in the navigation menu on the left.

Choose a query image from your hard drive and the collection that you just created.

Click on ‘Submit’. The result page shows you the equivalent to what would have happened if your app had taken the image that you just used to query the system.

or with the CraftAR app

You may also want to try using the CraftAR mobile app. In this case you’ll need to download the app, and introduce the Token of your collection. Can’t find the token? Read this article.

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