Terminology used in the Mobile SDK

The following is a list of concepts that are used in the documentation of the iOS and Android SDKs.

Cloud Image Recognition Service (CRS)
Service that provides the capability to search inside the collection of images specified in a request, and get the content associated to that image in order to create an AR experience.
Finder Mode
Continuously scans the camera view searching for objects using the Cloud Recognition Service. It can be programmatically started and stopped at any time. The rate of scans per second can also be defined.
Single Shot Mode
Takes a single snapshot from the camera view. It is triggered programmatically.
Cloud Recognition Item
An item represents an object to be recognised. It can have one or more reference images to identify it and additional information (contents) to provide information about the item or application logic. There are two types of Recognition Items:

AR view
View that shows a mix of the real world captured with the camera and the AR content (see below) previously specified.
AR content
Scene that is displayed on top of a real object (page in a catalogue, flyer, poster, etc.) that defines a custom AR experience. It is created via the CraftAR content creation tool online or API, and is stored online with a JSON format.
AR content types
Built-in content types for the AR content. Currently we support image, video and image buttons.
3D Object tracking
Ability to track an object in 3D to provide the right perspective for the AR view. Tracking data: file that stores visual features to track the object in 3D.