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Adding AR content using the CraftAR Management API

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icon Date Jul 23, 2019

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Augmented Reality content can not only be created using the content creator but it can also be created using the management API. With the Management API, you can create collections and items and add images to the items. It also allows you to indicate whether the item is for Image Recognition only or Augmented Reality.

To create a complete Augmented Reality experience using the management API, it is necessary to provide the following information when creating the item:

  • Indicate that the item is for Augmented Reality by setting the trackable parameter to “True”.
  • Provide Augmented Reality content in JSON format.

The object passed to the Management API to create an item is itself a JSON object. In order to add the contents to the item, the contents have to be added as a JSON sub-object of the item in the “content” key.

Types of Augmented Reality contents

The content JSON object can have different formats depending on the use of the Augmented Reality item. Depending on the SDK, there are two options:

See CraftAR Augmented Reality JSON Contents description for more details on the contents’ description object.

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