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How to add augmented reality into your app with CraftAR

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icon Date Dec 22, 2020

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The CraftAR service provides a set of tools to build augmented reality apps. This article gives you pointers to other articles and tutorials in the Developer Guide section to help you with that.

Once you’ve developed your app, we strongly suggest you get familiar with AR Contents in CraftAR to get the best out of your app.

In order to add augmented reality to your app, it is necessary to:

  1. create a cloud collection in CraftAR;
  2. add one or more AR items to that collection;
  3. use the cloud image recognition module of the AR SDK (learn how on iOS or Android); and
  4. launch the tracking module of the AR SDK once the response is received from the cloud (learn how on iOS or Android).

For Unity apps, the last two steps are described in a single developer guide: Tutorial: Create a Unity app.

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