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How to use the Craftar Demo App to test your Image Recognition items

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To make it easier for you to test your Image Recognition items created in our Craftar service, we provide a free mobile app for iOS and Android.

You can use the Craftar demo app to try our own test images, or to test and demo your own experiences with no need to code, before you would start to develop your own app. You can also share your demo experiences via sharing your settings with someone else.

What you will find in this article:

Where to download the Craftar demo app for iOS and Android

Click on the icons below to download the app for your iOS or Android mobile device:

How to try our test image for Image Recognition in the demo app

Print or open our test images: Test Image for Image Recognition

For best performance, we always recommend printing the images to test, without changing the aspect ratio. It doesn’t matter whether you print or grayscale, as our technology recognizes objects mainly based on grayscale information.

Open the Craftar demo app on your mobile. Follow the instructions in this video to try an Image Recognition experience on the test image:

How to use the Craftar demo app to test your own Image Recognition items

Note that in order to create and test your own collections and items, you’ll need to have an account at Catchoom’s Craftar Image Recognition service. You can sign up for a Free Trial that allows you to create one collection with up to 20 images and perform 1000 cloud scans (including the cloud scans you perform using the Craftar demo app).

Follow the instructions in this video to learn how to use the demo app to test your own Image Recognition items created in our service:

The request will automatically be sent to the Cloud Image Recognition service.

With the response, the item’s URL will be opened. If the ‘API Mode’ is on, the API results will be shown in a table.


  • Image recognition of real-world objects.
  • Collection-specific matching.
  • Open website related to the matched item.
  • Switch between Single Shot Mode (one picture) and Finder Mode (continuously scanning). For testing with a Free Trial account, we recommend using the Single Shot Mode, so that you don’t run out of your free 1000 cloud scans too fast.
  • View API Responses instead of the interactive content.
  • Share your settings in the form of a mobile deep link pointing to a selected collection.

Tip: Use it to demo your idea

Craftar mobile app is a tool for:

  • Testing: our users can check the Image Recognition performance against their collection(s) of objects.
  • Sales: Use the app to show the power of visual search and Image Recognition to potential customers or in-house teams, and quickly demonstrate your idea. However, we discourage using it as an end consumer app, as the users might get confused with the settings section of the app.

How to share a demo experience with someone else

Can’t meet your customers or colleagues in person? Just have them download the Craftar demo app and share your settings – including Collection, Scan Mode and API Mode – from the application so that they don’t have to manually type in the collection’s Token to try the demos that you prepared for them.

Follow the instructions shown in the video (and detailed below):

  1. Log in to the Craftar app on your mobile device with the same credentials that you use for your account.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’. Select an Active Collection that includes the item(s) that you want to show to the other person. Modify other settings such as Scan Mode as you wish.
  3. Click on ‘Share’ next to ‘Share these settings’ at the bottom. Select an app installed on your phone, such as your email client, messaging app, company chat app, etc.
  4. We automatically generate a mobile deep link included in your message, pointing to your collection with the settings you’ve defined.
  5. When the recipient clicks on the link inside your message, the Craftar app – if installed on their phone – will open the Scan feature, loading the collection and settings that you’ve shared, ready to scan your target object and enjoy the demo experience.

Your recipient will be able to access your collection’s token anytime to repeat the demo, either inside the list of collections they find in ‘Settings – Active collection – Token’ section – if they have a CraftAR account and are logged in the app – or in ‘Try the demos’ if they don’t.

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