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Introduction to the CraftAR Creator

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icon Date Dec 14, 2020

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The CraftAR Creator is the part of the CraftAR Service that allows you to visually create and edit the look and feel of your augmented reality experience. The main advantage of the CraftAR Creator is that it is web-based, so you can use your preferred browser regardless of the operating system, without the need to download any specific software.

CraftAR offers a range of default AR Contents that can be used when editing a scene with the CraftAR Creator, and automatically rendered inside your app using the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK.

In case you’re not familiar with AR Contents, we suggest you to read the article Overview of Augmented Reality Contents in CraftAR. The SDK also offers the possibility to extend those default types programmatically to perform exactly as you wish (see Tutorial: Customize AR Contents).

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