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Overview of Augmented Reality Contents in CraftAR

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CraftAR offers flexible ways of creating Augmented Reality experiences for different platforms and in different ways depending on your requirements.

This article describes the default AR Contents for the CraftAR Creator and native SDKs, and the different ways in which you can create and customize your AR experiences.

You can create AR Contents in several ways:

  • Designing the experience using the web interface of the CraftAR Creator.
  • Programmatically uploading AR experiences through the Management API using the JSON format that specifies AR scenes.
  • Designing advanced experiences by combining the Unity editor and our CraftAR Unity plugin.

AR contents available in CraftAR Creator and native SDKs

The default contents that are available from the CraftAR service and natively supported by the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK on iOS and Android are:


Rendered over a flat surface with the appearance of the flat image that is set when added to the scene. On touch down, they can switch to a secondary image. By default, they open a URL when touched.


Rendered over a flat surface with the appearance of the flat image that is set when added to the scene.


Rendered over a flat surface they show the content of an MP4 video that is set when added to the scene. By default, videos are auto-played (i.e. they start as soon as the stream is available) and in a loop.

​3D Models

Rendered with the content of the 3D Model (check which formats are supported) that is set when added to the scene.

Customizing AR Contents

In order to create customized contents that extend the default behavior described above, follow the Tutorial: Customize AR Contents. The customization requires iOS and/or Android development in order to extend the classes of the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK.

Designing the AR experience with the CraftAR Creator

If you need a fast and easy tool for creating AR experiences, you can do that directly from your web browser without installing any extra software. Take a look at the Introduction to the CraftAR Creator.

One way of visualizing your AR experiences without having to develop a single line of code is by using the CraftAR app for iOS and Android. Take a look at the article about how to use the CraftAR App with your own collections and items.

Upload AR experiences programmatically through the Management API

In order to automatize your processes and create AR experiences without the manual creation part, you can use the Management API in combination with the JSON descriptions of AR scenes.

Advanced graphics and animations with Unity

If you need advanced graphics, custom rendering, animations and interactions, the best option is the CraftAR Augmented Reality SDK for Unity.

You can create and upload Augmented Reality experiences for Unity directly from the Unity Editor. Take a look at the Tutorial: Create and Publish items with Unity.

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