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Preparing reference images for Image Recognition for exhibitions

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icon Date Dec 21, 2020

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At exhibition events, engagement with attendees is possible through Image Recognition. For instance, our solution fits perfectly into treasure hunt games for exhibition events.

In 2013, we produced the ExpoQuest app at the Mobile Asia Expo 2013. This new concept of interactive experiences for exhibitions allows exhibitors to attract attendees to their booths while providing entertainment and rewarding prizes.

Now you can easily build your own expo quest game, just keep in mind two tricks:

  • Use several reference images for each booth item in order to represent all elements of the stand that need to be recognized. If needed, add multiple views of each element in order to increase recognition performance with challenging viewing angles.
  • Elements of the ceiling that are repeated in the entire exhibition room need to be removed manually before uploading — see Figure 7 (e, f, h). Note that special care was taken to eliminate the ceiling elements.

Figure 7. Example of representing an exhibition stand during Mobile Asia Expo 2013. Note that the ceiling banners are represented from several angles (the most likely ones). Also, images (e,f,h) had the ceiling elements manually eliminated.

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