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Preparing reference images for Image Recognition on logos

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icon Date Dec 21, 2020

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Logos on business cards, video footage, physical goods can have many shapes and typically appear in many ways for the same brand or product.

In these cases, we can provide two general tips:

  • Avoid very minimalistic logos whenever possible. The amount of visual characteristics is directly related to the robustness to angle, illumination, or occlusions. The simpler the logo, the more challenging for the Image Recognition software.
  • If you have a very elongated image, it is a good idea to add some uniform margins in order to extend their shorter dimension.

Textual logos

For long textual logos or titles (>7 characters) it is a good practice to add a uniform margin above and below the text, as shown in the example below.

Figure 6. Preparation of the best reference image for an elongated text logo:

  1. query image example where the logo should be recognized;
  2. perfect reference image with adequate aspect ratio, i.e. proportions between image width and height;
  3. sub-optimal ref. image with acceptable aspect ratio;
  4. poor reference image with very tight cropping of the textual logo.
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