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Tutorial: Create a cloud or on-device collection for Image Recognition

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icon Date Dec 14, 2020

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Image recognition allows you to link offline content, like magazines or brochures, with digital content such as product information, or promotional videos, all with just a snap.

If you’re looking into using image recognition for your mobile app, you probably know (or are trying to decide) whether your app will need to update its content constantly or should stand alone. Those two scenarios have implications in the design of the app.

CraftAR allows you to create both types of collections: on-device and cloud. The first think you need to do is to navigate to Collections on the left menu bar and click on Add new collection. The following pop-up will appear to let you:

  1. choose between both types by clicking on the right box; and
  2. introduce a Collection Name for this collection (this is used in the web interface to help you identify this collection and it does not need to be unique).

Once the collection is created, you can start adding items. Follow the Tutorial: Create an item in CraftAR for a step-by-step guide.

If you choose to run your application on-device, we recommend following the Tutorial: Create collection bundles in the CraftAR service to learn how to generate bundles to embed into your app.

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