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Tutorial: On-device Augmented Reality on Unity – Set up your collection bundle

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icon Date Aug 12, 2019

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With the CraftAR Unity SDK you can create on-device augmented reality (AR) experiences that, once the collection is added to the device, can run offline without the need to scan using Cloud Image Recognition (prior to version 3.1 of the CraftAR Unity SDK scenes could only be loaded after a Cloud IR process).

This article explains the steps necessary to set up a collection for on-device AR with the CraftAR Unity SDK.

1 Create an on-device collection

First, you need to create an on-device collection. You can see how to do this following our tutorial on how to Create a cloud or on-device collection in CraftAR.

2 Upload AR Items using the Unity Editor

Following our tutorial on how to Create and Publish items with Unity to use with CraftAR Augmented Reality you can learn how to create your AR Items with Unity and upload them to the on-device collection created in the previous step.

Generate your on-device bundles

First, follow the tutorial on how to Create on-device collection bundles in the CraftAR service to generate your on-device bundles that can be loaded into your app using the CraftAR Unity SDK. Be sure to select the Augmented Reality SDK when generating your bundles for the CraftAR Unity SDK.

Once the CraftAR Service has finished preparing the bundle for you collection, you’ll see it marked as “Ready”.

The CraftAR Unity SDK comes with several examples. To see an example on how to add and synchronize the on-device collections in your Unity app, you can try the example with the name ExampleOnDeviceAR that you can find under the Applications/Examples folder of the SDK.

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