Cloud Image Recognition SDK

Connect your app or website to our Image Recognition API
and let customers quickly find products in your catalog

Download SDK and Get Image Recognition in your app today

Cloud Image Recognition SDK

The easiest way to put a scanner in your app –
and bridge the physical world with your online catalog

Get 750+ million recognitions in your pocket

Our image recognition software has matched over 750 million images in the past three years alone! Power your app or website with Catchoom engine’s 98% accuracy, robustness, and speed.

Perfect for large image databases

The Cloud Image Recognition SDK sends images through the Image Recognition API to Catchoom’s servers and returns instant responses on any-sized database – even ones with millions of images.

Update content without re-submitting your app

You can update your collection of items at any time with our Content Management System. Changes are immediately available in all apps.

Free SDK – forever

Our SDK is free on both development and distribution licenses. You only need a subscription to one of our plans.


Fast, accurate and lightweight

Outstanding performance – even in non-optimal conditions

The Image Recognition API from Catchoom outperforms other IR technologies in the market in 20% of the cases – even in environments with low light, high reflection, difficult angles and long distances to objects.

Lightweight SDKs and libraries

Our Craftar Cloud Image Recognition SDK is our most lightweight SDK. Because the heavy processing is done in the cloud, your app can remain slim even after adding this high-tech capability.

Fastest responses from anywhere in the world

Catchoom is a global platform with servers in the US and Europe. Requests made to the Image Recognition API are automatically directed to the server closest to your user. Read about it.

Available on multiple platforms

Sign up to Craftar and download our SDKs and Plugins for free to try

Native Mobile SDKs

If you want to connect your servers directly to our Content Management System, you can read the Image Recognition API documentation or freely access one of its code implementations in the Image Recognition API product page.