Catchoom’s Image Recognition Service

Best-in-class Visual Search for your products, in your own apps

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Catchoom’s toolbox makes it easy for retailers to integrate best-in-class Image Recognition in their branded apps and transform the way consumers discover and shop for products in the real world using visual search.
You can make your shoppers easily scan your real Consumer Packaged Goods, or images of your products, to buy from your catalog, or lead them to extra content, reviews and promotions.

Create amazing mobile and web apps in five steps

Choose the best technology
Choose where to run and how to deliver the content
Upload and create content using our Content Management System
Develop mobile and web apps
Go live and keep building!

Choose our best-in-class Image Recognition technology
Deliver experiences with our highly reliable, proprietary Image Recognition solutions.

98% accurate Image Recognition

Fast, accurate recognition of real-world objects such as consumer packaged FMCG products, marketing and in-store collaterals, product catalogs, etc. Scan and recognize thousands of objects instantly.

It provides 20% better recognition accuracy than our competitors – even with non-optimal light, surface, angle or distance to object. Read all about our benchmarked image recognition technology.

Choose where to run and how to deliver the content
Depending on your use case, you may want your app to run by searching in the cloud, or locally offline, independently of Internet connectivity.
Our toolbox allows you to choose openly.





Every scan is sent to the cloud for Image Recognition.

Any update in the CMS is immediately available to all users.


Every scan runs totally offline. Content can be stored on the device or streamed from the cloud.

Apps can be distributed with an embedded database or download it at first launch.

Any change in the database requires the app to connect to the Internet and synchronize with our CMS to fetch the changes.

Extended Search

In apps that have a certain amount of objects that are frequently requested, it can be convenient to

  1. run first on-device on a subset of the database and
  2. then continue searching in the cloud.

The local set can be fixed by tagging individual items that we want the device to have. Read the documentation about Tags in the Management API.

Upload and create content using our
Content Management System
Our service comes with an extremely agile cloud-based content management system. You can refresh content associated with your image recognition experiences as often as you like. Update offers, add more images, and extend product-related content,
as well as edit your experiences.


Simple text or URL

In many use cases, you want to show a customized text, trigger a follow-up event, or simply link each object to a URL, for instance of a product page.

Management API

With our RESTful API your backend service can directly inject new content or update existing one into our CMS. It is designed to perform bulk operations.

Develop mobile and web apps
We offer easy-to-use Software Development Kits (SDKs) and libraries to help you get started. Most applications can be built by following our examples and tutorials available in our Support Center and Reference Documentation.




Native mobile apps

Cloud and On-Device Image Recognition

Web apps

Cloud Image Recognition


Cloud and On-Device Image Recognition

Go live and keep building!




Subscriptions and add-ons

We offer different plans that grow with your business requirements.

Check out our Pricing for more details.

Global infrastructure

Our service is deployed in servers in Europe and in the US, and uses a global Content Delivery Network to enhance the user experience.


Track and optimize the performance of your content

Review the number of scans, the content that is most recognized and adapt accordingly to maximize your results.

Learn more and watch a tutorial.