CraftAR Product Releases



New Pro SDK for Unity: Scalable, Reliable Offline Augmented Reality Experiences

Javascript Library for Image Recognition: Camera Capture in Safari Enabled

We’ve Remodeled CraftAR: Easier Access to Features for Your Image Recognition and Augmented Reality Projects

Our Cordova Plugins for Augmented Reality & Image Recognition Got Improved

Brand New, Improved Augmented Reality Tracking for Your Mobile Apps

Javascript Library to Create Image Recognition Web Apps Now Supports New Frameworks

Add Videos with Transparency to Augmented Reality in the CraftAR Creator

New Pro SDK Combines Benefits of On-Device Image Recognition and Augmented Reality SDKs

The Latest Releases for Our Image Recognition, Augmented Reality, Cordova and Unity SDKs

Great Alternative to Moodstocks Image Recognition: CraftAR by Catchoom

Quick Guide to Image Recognition: Should You Rather Crop or Mask Reference Images?

CraftAR Unity Augmented Reality SDK Now Enables Offline AR

Check Which Images Work Well for Augmented Reality: Now for User-Generated Content, Too

Our New Markerless 3D Object Recognition for Industrial Applications with Augmented Reality

Top 7 Tips to Choose the Best Images for Image Recognition

New CraftAR Cordova Plugins for Image Recognition & Augmented Reality