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3D Models for Augmented Reality: The New Project Runway

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icon Date Sep 30, 2014

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Okay, we’re not talking about super models, but we think that 3D Models are just as attractive. And that is why we have added a new product feature to complement CraftAR.

The addition of 3D models brings the most advanced Augmented Reality experiences to consumers. Sales agents can now show the interior of an apartment right from the ad to motivate leads to call them. Users can now also browse a jewelry catalogue at home generating a unique opportunity to drive consumers to the Point-Of-Sale.

The 3D models feature from Catchoom enables anyone who uses CraftAR to load 3D models on top of a reference image. Users can then see this in the AR view of all apps that embed the Augmented Reality mobile SDK by Catchoom.

Intuitive WYSIWYG online content creator for Augmented Reality

The online creation tool of CraftAR has been designed from the start to be a full 3D environment that allows designers to see the experience exactly as it will be viewed within the mobile app. Pretty much like the usability you get when editing a text document with tools like Google Docs or Microsoft Word: What You See Is What You Get.

What’s best, you don’t need to download any software or worry whether you’re using Windows, Mac or Linux: CraftAR creates a full 3D environment on your web browser together with the capability of loading 3D models straight from your hard drive into its content creator.

Once the user scans the reference image or target (e.g. a page in a catalogue), CraftAR recognizes your content and streams all the assets (including the 3D model) directly to the user’s device.

Embed 3D models directly into the mobile app with our AR SDK

Developers who prefer to embed a 3D model directly into the mobile app (without connecting it to the cloud) can also do so through the Augmented Reality mobile SDK by Catchoom. So, instead of editing the scene in the online creation tool, developers can opt to pass the 3D model programmatically to the SDK and indicate it’s size, position and orientation. You can find more details in the technical documentation about 3D models.

Watch this Tutorial to learn how to add a 3D model to your Augmented Reality scene with the CraftAR service. The AR scene has a 3D model of a pair of running shoes (courtesy of our partner Soluis).

3D models, just like their real-life equivalents, are beautiful. Try it now!

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