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Actionable Augmented Reality for Google Glass by Catchoom

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icon Date May 20, 2014

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Here’s the thing, we think any new tech should be useful and make your life better and easier. Call us crazy, but we think it should allow you more time for things you enjoy. Maybe it helps you control the thermostat in your house, or gives you a better understanding about the side-effects of the medicine you are taking or any element of your everyday life, like grocery shopping.

Get Glass, Go Shopping with Catchoom

Yup. Correct. Grocery shopping. Combine Glass with Catchoom’s new Glass SDK, and now you can see how easy it is to shop from home or at the grocery store with delivery to your door. This is made possible by the power of the cloud and Catchoom’s Image Recognition technology.

When we say Actionable Augmented Reality, we mean it and this concept is another example of how we approach AR and useful applications in your life.



Cloud CMS for Retailers

It’s not only making things for the customer easier but for the company as well. Shopping with Glass powered by Catchoom Glass SDK helps the retailer, too. The entire database of products can be managed from a CraftAR account. You can update content, change prices, grocery information all from CraftAR’s Content Management System in the cloud.

How do I get Catchoom Glass SDK into my app?

We invite integrators to enable companies provide such exciting experiences to their customers inside their own apps. You can find instructions and documentation of the Catchoom Glass SDK here.

Fill in the form below to get your copy and start developing your Catchoom-powered app coupled with your CraftAR account.

Download Android SDK


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