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Catchoom Launches Beta of its SaaS Image Recognition Solution

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icon Date Oct 25, 2012

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BARCELONA – Award-winning Telefónica spinoff Catchoom invites users to test-drive its advanced image recognition solution with its SaaS platform Catchoom Recognition Service for free through January 15, 2013.

Catchoom enables developers, ISVs and integrators including AR market leaders like Layar, to build Image Recognition powered solutions that give end-users the freedom to interact naturally with real world objects and instantly connect with the digital content behind them. It enables vendors to build solutions that serve a wide horizontal market including customers in advertising, publishing, retail and e-commerce, gaming and physical venues, offering benefits like increased revenue, greater brand awareness, and the capacity to link offline print ads or publications with online versions. The software scales easily to handle massive image databases.

Taking Image Recognition technology to the next level

Catchoom’s visual recognition technology takes usability to a new level, bringing end users seamless interactivity with their physical environment, enabling fastest round-trip time from point and shoot to experience (0.5 seconds). It makes QR codes obsolete, allowing end-users to simply take a smartphone photo of any logo, monument, printed ad or object they see, and in a fraction of a second, connect to relevant digital information, interactive brand experiences, offers, try-before-you-buy functionality, related social media and much more.

Catchoom Recognition Service Beta Screenshot

Screenshot of a collection view in Catchoom Recognition Service


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