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Catchoom’s NEW On-Device Image Recognition Tool: What Can You Do with It?

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icon Date Jun 09, 2015

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One of the things we love most about creating Image Recognition and Augmented Reality technology is the never ending slew of fascinating use cases that our clients come up with. Our challenge is to help them turn their ideas into great apps that do what they are supposed to do – and do it well.

Top-notch recognition performance with no internet connection necessary

A big trend we saw emerging this past year was the need for Image Recognition functionality that could maintain its ability to pull up content, even when app users went offline.

Our online CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition solution lets users scan objects to connect with online content. Advertisers can turn flat catalogs into cool, interactive brochures, and consumers can rate or buy wine by just taking a photo of the label. Nothing needs to be typed into a browser. Easy and straightforward.

But we started to learn about use cases in which it just made more sense to our clients to have a more flexible Image Recognition tool that would function without Internet connectivity.

Take the case of a driver whose car breaks down on a remote highway. With an app powered by the CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition SDK, the user can take a photo of the alert button that appears on the car’s dashboard to load the associated information from the manufacturers manual – even if he or she is offline.


CraftAR-powered app running offline
recognizes entertainment system of the car.

Or, let’s say a catalog shopper is about to grab a flight, and wants to continue shopping while in the air, without having to stop while offline for takeoff and landing. As long as the user started shopping while online, CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition delivers a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

Combining the power of the cloud with offline experiences

This last use case couples CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition with its On-Device Image Recognition. When the usual originally opened the catalog, the CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition request was launched, which downloaded the rest of the interactive content so it could run offline.

And there’s big cost benefit to using CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition, too. Cloud services typically charge by cost-per-recognition. So what happens if your app gets hit by a massive spike of users?

This is often the case with “second screen” enhanced TV experiences, in which users connect to social media content or participate in polls or donations by scanning their TV screens. TV shows can really rack up the recognitions!

Catchoom’s On-Device Image Recognition, on the other hand, enables “second screen” TV for a flat fee, which means you can manage millions of simultaneous scans at no extra cost. It’s perfect for apps that generate large volumes of active users.


Introducing the new CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition SDK

The CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition SDK runs on iOS and Android devices and is optimized for smartphones and tablets. Just like all the features of the CraftAR toolbox, the Image Recognition technology is extremely high performing, even in environments with low light, high reflection, difficult angles and long distances to the objects.

Ready to go? Download the CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition SDK below and get started right away:

Download Android SDK

Download iOS SDK

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