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Analytics: Track the Performance of Your Content with CraftAR

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icon Date Oct 22, 2014

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How is my latest collection of images performing? How many recognitions have been generated? Which are my top 5 most scanned images?

Those are some questions that every CraftAR customers regularly need to consider in order to validate, modify and optimize their Augmented Reality and Image Recognition content strategy.

At Catchoom, we want your content to be Actionable and CraftAR to be your full-featured toolbox to do it all: Create, Connect, Manage, and now Monitor your content.

Available today, you can answer these questions by simply logging into your CraftAR account. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to use CraftAR Analytics.

With CraftAR Analytics for Image Recognition and Augmented Reality, you can:

  • Compare the differences between scans and recognitions and educate your audience for a better use of your app.
  • Identify in an instant which images of your collection are most recognized by your customers.

  • Export data to a CSV format file to integrate it with your existing reports.

Monitor your Analytics and improve the user experience

With CraftAR Analytics, we empower you to monitor the performance of your content and improve the customer experience. You can now learn and adapt by observing their behavior and interactions.

From now on, your next decisions will be data-driven. Create, Connect, Manage, Monitor.

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