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Add Videos with Transparency to Augmented Reality in the CraftAR Creator

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Adding videos with transparency to Augmented Reality scenes in CraftAR just became much easier. From now on, you can also use the web-based CraftAR Creator to add transparent videos to your AR experiences used in your mobile apps.

Why videos with transparency are great for Augmented Reality experiences

Videos with transparency (also known as videos with alpha channel) refer to videos or animations that have a partial or total see-through background, which allows the user to see what is behind the video.

Many members of our developer community have been asking us about managing transparency in videos in the past.

The popularity of transparent videos is understandable. Using such video content generates a cool effect in Augmented Reality, as you can better integrate the video or animation with the image being augmented. Basically, the content can feel more “real” and integral to the tracked object.

Among other use cases, it works great for interactive print experiences, from advertising to storytelling.

Screengrab of our CraftAR demo app, showing an example
of what an AR experience using transparent video may look like.

Create and publish AR items with transparent videos using the CraftAR Creator

You may be familiar with our handy CraftAR content management and creator tool, which you can use to drag & drop videos, 3D models and buttons into your Augmented Reality scenes.

You will need to add a video to CraftAR in a format that corresponds to the instructions detailed in our tutorial.

Video with transparency, with duplicated frames,
used as content for the AR experience showed earlier. 

Tick our newly added checkbox “Transparent video”, then edit your scene as you want.

Our CraftAR Augmented Reality SDKs —which are also packed into our CraftAR Pro SDKs and Augmented Reality Cordova Plugins— will take care of displaying the video correctly in your AR experiences.

Other ways of managing transparency in videos for your Augmented Reality experiences

If you have a process to create AR items from your backend and you want to add transparent video content, you can also indicate that the videos have transparency through our Management API by modifying your video contents stored in CraftAR as a JSON in a specific format.

You may also modify your content programmatically from your app’s code, using our Augmented Reality or Pro SDKs.

Read our detailed tutorial on how to add videos with transparency to Augmented Reality with CraftAR for more information and instructions, and specific comments on Cordova and Unity3d.

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