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CraftAR Android Augmented Reality SDK Now Available

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icon Date Mar 25, 2014

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We know you’ve been waiting for this and now the time has arrived. The Catchoom Team has worked long and hard (think late nights and lots of coffee) to bring the Augmented Reality functionality of CraftAR to our SDK for Android.

What does the SDK include now for both iOS and Android?

  • Seamless connection to our Cloud Image Recognition service.
  • Provides reliable 3D tracking of planar objects.
  • Re-skinnable native camera preview allows you to apply the look & feel of your app.
  • Automatically renders AR experiences with media content stored online. And allows programmatic extension of classes for customized behaviors of content.

Don’t forget to read the docs to know the insights of the SDK.

How can I try the SDK?

  1. Sign Up free if you don’t have an account in CraftAR.
  2. Craft your AR experiences. Read this quick start guide for instructions.
  3. Test your crafted experiences:
    • Download the latest version of the CraftAR app available for free on Google Play.
    • Get your copy of the SDK below:

Download Android SDK

Last but not least, we wanted to thank all of you who have beta-tested the SDK for the past few weeks.

If you want to get beta versions of the SDK before their public release and help us with feedback, just let us know we’d love to have you onboard!

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