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We’ve Remodeled CraftAR: Easier Access to Features for Your Image Recognition and Augmented Reality Projects

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icon Date Aug 24, 2017

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You are probably familiar with our CraftAR Image Recognition and Augmented Reality toolbox. CraftAR offers you the most accurate Image Recognition solution in the market, along with easy-to-use Augmented Reality tools, and a cloud-based content management system for your experiences.


Create an AR experience like this in less than 5 minutes with CraftAR

We’ve created the CraftAR toolbox in a way that helps you easily manage the entire pipeline. You can use it to create content, test, develop and finally, publish your mobile and web apps together with the CraftAR service.


Logical structure that is easier to navigate

We grouped features related to your projects, such as creation, testing and development, in the left sidebar. You can easily access account and support-related functionalities whenever you need them, located in the top right corner in the desktop view.

[For instance, the Get Support section is always at hand while you work. You can give us a shout or browse the Support Center for guidance.]


We grouped key sections in the left sidebar and top menu

Click on any of the section names to watch a short video about the specific features:

  • Home: quickly review your plan and quota, go to your collections and get some help.
  • Collections: create and manage your Augmented Reality and Image Recognition content for your apps.
  • Developer Portal: download SDKs, plugins, libraries and manage API access to integrate the CraftAR service into your apps and services.
  • Testing Tools: try your items to optimize your collections and demo your experiences.
  • Media Library: arrange digital media assets for your Augmented Reality items.
  • Analytics: track and optimize the performance of your collections.
  • Get Support: visit our Support Center for guidance and seek help.
  • My Account: manage your account-related information, switch plans, and purchase add-ons to start publishing apps.

Features for content creation, testing, and development, all in one place

If you are a regular CraftAR user, you might have spotted that we haven’t simply ‘moved things around’. We’ve also set up new thematic sections to help you get things done faster throughout your journey in CraftAR.

Let’s take a look at two newcomers in more detail: the Testing Tools and Developer Portal sections.

Testing Tools: try and demo your Image Recognition and AR experiences without coding

Let’s say that you have signed up and created some Image Recognition and Augmented Reality experiences in CraftAR, but you haven’t started developing your own apps yet.

Maybe you want to pitch your idea to a potential client or colleague. Or, you want to optimize your collections.

Our Testing Tools are just right for you to be able to test and demo your experiences before you’d start coding.

See more about our Testing Tools in this video guide:

Developer Portal: one-stop access to all our SDKs, plugins, libraries and APIs

We provide you with free SDKs, plugins, libraries, and APIs that help you easily integrate the CraftAR service into your mobile and web applications and services.

Access these tools in one place, inside the new Developer Portal section in CraftAR.

With just a click, you can download the SDKs you need anytime, straight from your CraftAR account, without filling out forms. You can also visit the Documentation page right away to help you get started.

See a video presenting our new Developer Portal section:

See for yourself

Check out our comprehensive Get Started guide to learn how to use the remodeled CraftAR and see video guides for all the sections and features.

If you don’t have a CraftAR account yet, sign up for free to give it a try. Enjoy creating your own experiences with Image Recognition and Augmented Reality!

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