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Brand New, Improved Augmented Reality Tracking for Your Mobile Apps

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icon Date Jul 14, 2017

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After several months of hard work, we are happy to bring you the latest advancements in our Augmented Reality tracking technology, offering a more reliable, stable, smoother AR experience for your branded mobile apps.

Combining the power of our top-performing, fast image recognition technology and our improved AR tracking for planar objects in the latest release of our easy-to-use SDKs, you have all that you need to amaze your users with great mobile experiences.

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More stable Augmented Reality tracking performance for a top user experience

A good Augmented Reality experience feels real and smooth to your user, making them believe that what they see is actually part of the tracked environment. If the augmented content starts to misbehave, for example, it becomes shaky or starts to flicker, that kills the magic.

We achieved major improvements in terms of tracking stability, so that your apps can offer a more reliable mobile AR experience.

Both our in-house and independent user tests found that our new tracking technology produces…

  • Less jitter (for example, the overlaid AR content becoming shaky or starting to vibrate).

  • Less flickering (i.e. the content abruptly disappearing and reappearing).

  • Fewer unforeseen behaviors, such as the augmented content appearing in unexpected poses.


Better adapts to challenging real-life scenarios

We at Catchoom always found it very important to avoid the mistake of developing for the “lab” and to make sure that our image recognition and AR tech works reliably in real, uncontrolled scenarios. Because that is what will ultimately make or break your user experience.

Our new AR tracking tech…

  • Handles extreme angles even better than before.

    This is especially useful in scenarios like scanning a store sign or product package on a shelf, or even a magazine on a table.


  • Recovers tracking faster after losing it.

    Think pointing your phone at a poster to enjoy an augmented experience, but people keep on walking by between you and the poster.

  • Copes with longer distances from the object.

    Think tracking a store sign on the wall, a box on an upper shelf or a sticker on the floor. 


AR tracking for more use cases, from retail to marketing to print

  • Track multiple objects simultaneously, in the same camera view.

    This can be extremely useful if you want to offer augmented content (such as ratings) over different product photos at the same time, or augment individual advertisements in the same view.


  • Enjoy better tracking in cluttered or complex scenarios.

    Do you want to augment an ad in a newspaper or catalog that is buried in text and images all over the page? Enjoy a more stable tracking performance even in such a complex scenario.


Request our free SDKs to put powerful Augmented Reality into your mobile apps

Easily integrate our new, improved tracking performance into your mobile experiences with the help of the latest versions of our SDKs. As always, all SDKs are free to use while you are developing your app or testing your experiences.

CraftAR native mobile Augmented Reality SDKs

CraftAR iOS Augmented Reality SDK (version 5.0):

New, improved tracking library integrated + modify camera-related settings, increased camera FPS and added interface to control camera FPS for smooth AR tracking.  

Download iOS SDK

CraftAR Android Augmented Reality SDK (version 5.0):

Besides our improved tracking library integrated, also includes some camera-related fixes and other improvements.

Download Android SDK

CraftAR Pro SDKs (Includes AR + Cloud and On-Device Image Recognition)

iOS CraftAR Pro SDK (version 2.0):

Includes the latest version of our native mobile Augmented Reality SDK for iOS (besides the latest version of our Cloud and On-Device Image Recognition SDKs).

Download iOS SDK

Android CraftAR Pro SDK (version 2.0):

Includes the latest version of our native mobile Augmented Reality SDK for Android (besides the latest version of our Cloud and On-Device Image Recognition SDKs).

Download Android SDK

CraftAR Cordova plugin for Augmented Reality for iOS and Android

Augmented Reality Cordova Plugin for iOS and Android (version 2.3):

  • Besides our new tracking integrated via the latest version of the Augmented Reality SDKs for iOS and Android, we also improved compatibility with Apache Cordova version 7.

Download Cordova plugin

CraftAR Unity Augmented Reality SDK for iOS and Android

Unity Augmented Reality SDK for Android and iOS (version 4.0):

  • Besides our new, improved AR tracking technology integrated, the Search API has been refactored for consistency with the native SDKs.

Download Unity SDK

Sign up to CraftAR

If you haven’t done so yet, sign up to CraftAR (free trial available) to be able to start using our SDKs and create great mobile experiences with the power of our new AR tracking.

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