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Great Alternative to Moodstocks Image Recognition: CraftAR by Catchoom

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First of all, we wish the Moodstocks team the best of luck on their new journey as part of Google’s image recognition endeavours. At the same time, we would like to offer a helping hand to the Moodstocks clients and developers that now need to look for a new alternative to their Image Recognition solutions.

Read on to learn why Catchoom’s CraftAR Image Recognition SDKs and API are a great substitute for Moodstocks, how they compare, and how to migrate to CraftAR in a few easy steps.

Moodstocks versus CraftAR at one glance:


Navigate this guide:

  1. The benefits of CraftAR Image Recognition compared to Moodstocks
  2. What to use instead of Moodstocks Image Recognition SDKs: looking at the CraftAR toolbox
  3. How to migrate from Moodstocks to CraftAR in four simple steps

1. Why you should switch to CraftAR after using Moodstocks Image Recognition

Our CraftAR image recognition engine works very well on both planar (flat) and non-planar (non-flat) objects as long as they have a rich texture. That being said, you can use it on anything from print images to second screen media to product packages to unique storefronts (see a list of examples that we can recognize)

Image-Recognition-Software-Catchoom-Product-Package-704342-edited.jpg Catchoom-Image-Recognition-Second-Screen-Media.png

We are proud of the fact that we have already powered more than 450 million real-life recognitions through our clients’ mobile apps and services. Read about some of our product benefits to see why it’s worth joining the growing community of developers on Catchoom’s CraftAR platform.

Combine Cloud and On-Device Image Recognition with more flexibility with CraftAR

Both Moodstocks and Catchoom have been offering on-device image recognition and cloud-based image recognition. 

Quick explanation of the terminology: in case of Cloud Image Recognition, the app communicates
with the database in the cloud through an API. It matches the scanned image or object to a reference image, which triggers an action such as playing a video, or redirecting the user to an online product page.


In case of On-Device Image Recognition, the recognition happens on the user’s device, matching the scanned image or object with a ‘reference image’ in the database. This does not require internet connection, so the user may be offline and the recognition still works.


According to the product description of Moodstocks, you didn’t have much freedom to influence whether you wanted to use on-device or cloud image recognition as the only option in your app.

If your image collections contained less than 10k images, you were able to use on-device recognition, while above that limit, you had to resort to cloud recognition, which only worked if your users had internet connection.

With CraftAR, you have the freedom to choose between Cloud Image Recognition only, On-Device Image Recognition Image Recognition only, or a ‘hybrid’ solution combining the two (for this latter, see how Prynt is using our image recognition SDKs). Which of these works better for you depends on your use case.

Instead of caching the most commonly scanned images like Moodstocks did, you have the freedom to decide which specific images that get synced into your user’s device. You can also add or remove images and resync those bundles without republishing your app.

Forget limitations on image collection size with CraftAR

With CraftAR, you don’t have an overall limit on how many images you can have in your collections for image recognition either.

Moodstocks indicated that above 100k images in your database, you may have needed a dedicated infrastructure set up for you. Catchoom doesn’t pose such limitations, thanks to our highly scalable infrastructure.

Uploading images from API or Web-based Content Management System

Also, thanks to our web-based content management system, instead of offering a desktop tool for uploading images, it doesn’t matter which operating system you are using.

We also offer a powerful Management API to connect your back-end to ours to create and update your images and content.


Enjoy top Image Recognition speed and accuracy, even on large collections

You may wonder: okay that I can have very large image collections with CraftAR, but will I have to sacrifice the high performance and speed?

We can reassure you that CraftAR offers very fast response times around the globe, thanks to our server infrastructure. At the same time, it’s accuracy rate is better than top vendors in the market.  

2. What to use instead of Moodstocks Image Recognition SDKs: looking at the CraftAR toolbox

Native SDKs to develop your own mobile apps using our Image Recognition engine:

We offer well-documented, easy-to-use native SDKs for mobile development. We keep on adding new features and improvements and offer responsive support to thousands of developers using our platform.

Instead of Moodstocks iOS SDK

→ Try

Instead of Moodstocks Android SDK

→ Try

API for Image Recognition

The CraftAR Cloud Image Recognition API allows you to integrate our cloud image recognition into your applications and services.

Similar to what you’ve been used to with Moodstocks API, our API also uses RESTful protocol and results are returned in JSON format.

Instead of Moodstocks API → Try CraftAR Image Recognition API

Plugins for easy cross-platform development of iOS and Android apps

If you have some experience working with cross-platform development frameworks such as PhoneGap and Apache Cordova, you will find our Cordova plugin to be a great alternative to the Moodstocks plugin.

Instead of Moodstocks plugin for PhoneGap and Cordova

→ Try

Javascript Image Recognition Library for HTML5 web sites

In addition to mobile SDKs and cross-platform plugins, CraftAR offers a Javascript Image Recognition Library for HTML5. This library helps you to embed the scanning functionality directly from a web browser. You users won’t need to download a specific mobile app.

Test and showcase your experiences before developing your own app


You can use our CraftAR app to try your Image Recognition and AR experiences before starting to develop your own mobile apps, or demo them to your client or project team.

Instead of Moodstocks Scanner app (iOS) → Try CraftAR app (iOS)

Instead of Moodstocks Scanner app (Android) → Try CraftAR app (Android)

3. How to migrate from Moodstocks to CraftAR in four simple steps

Here’s a quick guide on how you can migrate to CraftAR:

  1. Sign up for a CraftAR account for free.
  2. Upload your images. If you wish, try your experiences with the CraftAR demo app.
  3. Select the image recognition SDK or plugin that best matches your current developments. They are free to download and develop with.
  4. Take a look at our plans and add-ons to find the best option for you and publish your app(s).

Request a free demo of CraftAR & advice from our team:

Request a demo

(Au fait, on parle français!)

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