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New: On-Device Image Recognition SDK with Our Fastest Ever Collection Sync

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icon Date Apr 04, 2016

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Our team has been unstoppable these past few weeks. Besides several other releases, we’re proud to present the new versions of our CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition SDK for iOS and Android.

This includes major improvements, such as advanced on-device collection synchronization which makes the process much faster.

What’s new about our advanced on-device collection synchronization method?

Our CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition allows your users to enjoy offline experiences powered by our accurate image recognition software inside your apps. Your apps run just as fast whether your users are online, connected to a weak network, or with no coverage at all. (For example, you want to make sure they can use your app in a fortresslike superstore, on the road or traveling abroad.)

Stuck in the middle of nowhere? No problem for your app.

Of course, from time to time, you might need to update content in your app – for example, add new product images, artworks, advertisements or whichever targets you want to use for recognition.

You can build your app so that it downloads changes to the collection whenever you add or remove images. This way, you don’t need to republish your app (which would be a hassle for you and your users alike…). Still, you are able to update your content whenever necessary.

Now, this process just got even faster. Instead of resyncing the whole collection, the SDK will only download & synchronize resources for the items that have been changed or are new.

Engaging your users with offline experiences while keeping your content up-to-date have never been easier. Of course, you still don’t need to republish your app either. Isn’t that great?

Watch a demo of our On-Device Image Recognition software in action

Grab the new On-Device Image Recognition SDKs now

There are many more juicy improvements we haven’t covered in this post. Just head over to our improved iOS SDK documentation page and  Android SDK documentation page for platform-specific information.

See for yourself: request the latest versions of our SDKs below. As always, they are free to develop.

Enjoy your new superpower of offline recognition!

Download iOS SDK

Download Android SDK

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