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New Pro SDK for Unity: Scalable, Reliable Offline Augmented Reality Experiences

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icon Date Nov 27, 2017

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Run offline AR experiences for even the biggest collections in a single SDK, developing iOS and Android apps using the CraftAR service together with Unity3D.

Create bigger, better, interactive Augmented Reality apps – without relying on connectivity

Our CraftAR Pro SDKs are a popular choice among developers, as they combine everything you need to develop Image Recognition and Augmented Reality apps that can work with large collections of objects, even without Internet connection.

Which use cases does the SDK suit best?

Apps designed for locations or purposes where the network coverage is uncertain, may be overloaded, or the speed of the connection may affect the customer experience can especially benefit from the CraftAR Pro SDK and its on-device capabilities.

Think showroom experiences with product visualization, expos, use cases around mobility and traveling, or outdoor campaigns.

Advanced AR content for iOS and Android platforms

Now, with the latest addition to the software family, the new Unity CraftAR Pro SDK, you can couple these benefits with advanced rendering and interactions.

Push content into the CraftAR Image Recognition and Augmented Reality platform straight from the Unity editor and publish apps for iOS and Android.

All-in-one SDK: Cloud, On-Device Image Recognition + Augmented Reality

The Unity CraftAR Pro SDK includes the best combination of Catchoom’s CraftAR solutions:

  • Our core Cloud Image Recognition technology with fast, accurate global responses and global server infrastructure.
  • Our On-device Image Recognition solution: sitting inside your app, it can search through thousands of images locally, even without Internet connection, in a fraction of a second.
  • High-performance Augmented Reality rendering and tracking for planar targets.
  • Render complex scenes and interactivity. Create, modify and push content straight from Unity3D, such as game objects (including animated 3D models or 360 panoramas) and add your own programming to your scenes in CraftAR. All this without having to leave the Unity editor!
  • Thanks to the high-level API, you can save development time and focus on the content and interaction for your users.

Try the SDK for free

Download our SDK from CraftAR today to create great Augmented Reality experiences for your users.

Download from CraftAR

Remember, developing with our CraftAR SDKs is free, and if you are ready to publish your app, please check out our flexible plans and add-ons.

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