CraftAR Product Releases



New: On-Device Image Recognition SDK with Our Fastest Ever Collection Sync

New CraftAR Unity Augmented Reality SDK for Unity 5.1-5.3

Image Recognition Engine Gets Better on Complex Backgrounds

Catchoom’s NEW On-Device Image Recognition Tool: What Can You Do with It?

How to Migrate from Metaio to Catchoom

Unity Augmented Reality with CraftAR: AR Development Made Easy

Complete overhaul: Support, CraftAR UI, Status Report & More

PhoneGap and Cordova Plugins for Augmented Reality Are Here

New Image Recognition SDK v2 and Augmented Reality SDK v3

Our Image Recognition is Now Faster, Better and Global

icon Date Jan 14, 2015

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Analytics: Track the Performance of Your Content with CraftAR

Image Recognition SDK: Now Available for iOS and Android

3D Models for Augmented Reality: The New Project Runway

Fresh Out of the Oven: Catchoom Android SDK v2.2

icon Date Jun 19, 2014

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Actionable Augmented Reality for Google Glass by Catchoom

Video Tutorial: Easy Augmented Reality Creation