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New Pro SDK Combines Benefits of On-Device Image Recognition and Augmented Reality SDKs

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icon Date Oct 25, 2016

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We are happy to announce the latest addition to our comprehensive CraftAR Image Recognition and Augmented Reality toolbox. The new CraftAR Pro SDK (available for Android and iOS) combines our native mobile Augmented Reality SDKs, On-Device Image Recognition SDKs and Cloud Image Recognition SDK capabilities into one single SDK.

Thanks to the Pro SDK, it will become easier for you to create apps with Image Recognition and Augmented Reality that can work with large collections of objects and even without Internet connection.

Both the iOS and Android versions include the all of these native mobile CraftAR SDKs for the respective platform:What is included in the new Pro SDKs for Augmented Reality and Image Recognition?

  • Our core Cloud Image Recognition technology with fast, accurate global responses and global server infrastructure.
  • Our On-device Image Recognition SDK: sitting inside your app, it can search through even thousands of images locally, even without Internet connection, in a fraction of a second.
  • Our native Augmented Reality SDK: with cloud or on-device items. It can play video, render 3D objects, and provide interactivity with the augmented content.
  • Extended search options, depending on your development preferences: e.g. you can choose to run image recognition on the device for frequently used items and run search for long-tail items in the cloud.
  • Thanks to the high-level API, you can save development time and focus on the content and interaction for your users.

Request the free CraftAR Pro SDK for iOS

To make your job easier, we provide the iOS CraftAR Pro SDK as an iOS Framework that you can directly import into your XCode project. Read the related documentation for more information, requirements and examples.

Download iOS SDK

Request the free CraftAR Pro SDK for Android

If you want to integrate the Android CraftAR Pro SDK into your native app, we provide a folder with everything you’ll need for your projects in Android Studio. Read the related Documentation for more information, requirements and examples.

Download Android SDK

Which use cases is the CraftAR Pro SDK especially useful for?

Apps designed for locations or purposes where access to network or the availability of network coverage is uncertain can especially benefit from the CraftAR Pro SDK and its on-device capabilities. Think museums, exhibitions, large-scale expos, outdoor environments, or use cases related to traveling and mobility.

Now, through CraftAR Pro SDK, you will be able to combine the offline recognition of thousands of objects with interactive Augmented Reality experiences.

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