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Unity Augmented Reality with CraftAR: AR Development Made Easy

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icon Date Mar 03, 2015

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In our last blog we hinted at some big news from Catchoom. Well, the wait is over and we’re ready with our big reveal…

The CraftAR Unity Augmented Reality SDK

The Unity AR SDK combines the technology of our Augmented Reality SDK with the advantages of Unity: advanced rendering and better user interaction with AR contents. Check out the video below to see just some of what you can do with our newest SDK.

Fast and flexible Augmented Reality development

Publish scenes into CraftAR with one click

At Catchoom, we always try to make our customer’s lives as easy as possible. That’s why the Unity AR SDK comes with an editor plugin that allows you to publish your scenes to CraftAR with the push of a button, without ever leaving the Unity Editor.

Publishing scenes through the cloud with CraftAR allows you to seamlessly add or update content in your apps on the fly.

Feature-rich AR Development

The SDK offers Unity components that access the device’s camera and allows you to add Augmented Reality content into your Unity app.

Some features packaged in the SDK include cloud-based image recognition, augmented reality content over scanned items, and reception and modification of the camera video frames. Read the docs to see the full feature list.

Ready to Get Started?

Download our newest SDK and get started developing game-changing AR content for your apps today. Be sure to check out our documentation section for helpful information, along with our Support Center with step-by-step tutorials for Unity.

Download Unity SDK

Behind the scenes

As usual at Catchoom, we want to thank the people who help us. There’s nothing like working alongside talented people. Thank you David Leon from Linceworks the indie game studio producing Twin Souls.

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