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Video Tutorial: Easy Augmented Reality Creation

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icon Date May 08, 2014

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We’ve always got more to say about the Ultimate AR Toolbox, CraftAR. To some extent it is due to being proud of it, but mostly because there’s always something new happening at us. We’re always working harder and digging deeper to continuously improve the tool and to make AR accessible to everyone.

We’ve already emphasized how easy CraftAR is to use, but we invite you to take a look and see it for yourself. This tutorial shows that you don’t need developer skills to craft an AR scene and you’re able to fine-tune the details with the coordinates feature for all assets inside the AR scene.

Watch our team craft an AR item and make it public in just 3-5 minutes. Plus, this content is ready for your branded app and there’s no need to re-submit a new version of the app to AppStore or GooglePlay.

Of course, everything is backed by the power and speed of Catchoom‘s cloud platform.

Download our Augmented Reality SDKs and Unity plugin and try them with our CraftAR service for free:

Download iOS SDK

Download Android SDK

Download Unity SDK

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