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Ever growing, ever expanding; that’s the mobile market. And with that in mind, we knew it was time to take the first steps. It’s not about keeping up with the Joneses, it’s about helping a market grow and generate revenue and deliver customers what they need to reach their end users.

2014 and beyond is all about actionable augmented reality (AR), making the physical world more accessible through technological interaction and digitizing it in the most natural way possible. This is why we worked to help bring CraftAR to the market.

What is CraftAR?

CraftAR is the ultimate AR toolbox. By combining image recognition with AR content creation capabilities, AR applications can quickly and easily be transformed into compelling consumer marketing solutions.

Consumers are increasingly using and looking for digital content like images and videos, making AR more than a gimmick. The time has come for AR to be seen for what it is: an important tool for digital experiences in the real world. AR content catches eyes and draws people in through search engines, social media and blogs, but feeding the beast of the Internet is no easy task. Agencies find themselves continuously creating new content to satisfy the growing technological and marketing needs of their customers.

What does this Augmented Reality toolbox do?

This special not-so-little toolbox is the complete solution for creating AR experiences in any browser. Its jam-packed full with a suite of advanced features, including:

  • Instantly scan thousands of objects
  • Manage digital content like videos and 3D models once an object is recognized
  • Drag and Drop interface links digital assets to real world objects
  • Mobile tracking Software Development Kit (SDK) and API easily embeds AR experiences into apps
  • Trackable campaign performance and soon user interaction with content.
  • Available via SaaS
  • Enterprise version integrated via CRM and ERP
  • White-labeling for customers via license

“The use of Augmented Reality in digital marketing such as mobile purchasing, gamification and visual marketing is increasing, however each business has different technical challenges which is why agencies and brands need a flexible, simple and cost effective AR solution,” said David Marimon, CEO of Catchoom.

“Throughout our development of CraftAR, our goal was not just to deliver an essential AR product, but to provide agencies and brands with an AR partner that supports the evolution of these digital marketing trends. CraftAR offers the best image recognition technology on the market with the added power of AR content creation. This way we enable meaningful applications that build more effective marketing campaigns.”

So get ready because AR development is coming to a device near you!

By the way, interested in getting into AR creation, but no idea where to start? Catchoom also offers AR training services, application development services and support and maintenance to its customers. We look forward to working with you.

So, why don’t you just see for yourself?

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