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Why CraftAR Is Different in Image Recognition & Augmented Reality

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The Augmented Reality market is surely becoming one with as many options as any other tech market. Many folks do their research before choosing a company, but we’re not shy to show what makes our flagship product, CraftAR, shine above the rest. What makes us different isn’t on the surface. Let us show you the ways:

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CraftAR is easy to implement thanks to great SDKs

We’ve said this before, but companies say a lot of things. This time it’s true. We’re talking Easy Mac macaroni and cheese levels of easy (but with tastier results).

Anyone, regardless of technical skill, can build an augmented reality experience through CraftAR. The Catchoom web platform is very easy to use and customize and opens AR creation up to a wide variety of industries and businesses. Other Augmented Reality platforms provide a raw Software Development Kit (SDK) and are meant only for developers, requiring designers to develop through Unity.

It’s fast thanks to the drag and drop content creator

Now, this one is two-fold. We’re fast for you in all the ways that count. CraftAR provides a drag and drop, point and pop platform for an AR experience in minutes. CraftAR is also backed by Catchoom’s industry tested, super fast, super accurate image recognition technology. Once your app is built, users won’t be held back by a slow or wrong response.

It’s easily scalable

What good is technology if what you need isn’t there. CraftAR image recognition on the cloud can take you through millions of images. Our service can scale with you and will get you where you’re going.

Don’t believe us? Take CraftAR for a spin and enjoy the ride! (Plus, we’re always here to back you up with training services, application development services and support and maintenance.)

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Then join us at MWC 2014 among the 1,700 exhibitors as we walk the floor. Want to see how Mobile and Augmented Reality collide? Contact us now to schedule a meeting.

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